Parking Enforcement Officer

Date Posted: Mon, March 18, 2019

Job Salary: £8.90 / Salary Range: Other / Location: London /

2 x Experienced Parking Enforcement Officer required for on going temporary assignment.

DUTIES: To check and test all issued equipment before commencing a patrol including, where appropriate, the production of a test penalty charge notice (PCN) on the hand held terminal.

 In accordance with a predetermined beat, to patrol parking places, controlled parking zones (CPZs) and designated bus routes at various times during the day and evening.

To issue PCNs to ensure compliance with Traffic Regulation Orders including enforcing footway parking bans, overnight commercial vehicle bans and mandatory school "keep-clear" markings. To patrol the borough`s pedestrian crossings zigzags and other decriminalised contraventions as appropriate.

 To issue Fixed Penalty Notices to drivers who fail to observe vehicle emissions regulations by running their engines whilst stationary. To inspect parking meters and pay-and -display and ensure they are operational prior to the issue of the PCN. Where the equipment is faulty, to place and "out of order" notice and report faults as appropriate.

 On a continuous basis to report deficiencies in missing signs and lines in writing. To report in writing all street defects, damage, crime or antisocial behaviour witnessed in the course of undertaking patrol duties, e.g. the need for cleansing, dangerous footways, graffiti, abandoned vehicles. To maintain a pocket log to record evidence additional to that contained on the PCN or hand-held computer terminal.

To provide a witness statement surrounding the issue of the PCN as necessary and to appear before the adjudicator on contested cases, if require by the Senior Parking Supervisor. To assist the public and act as the first point of contact on minor parking enquiries and enforcement matters. To check vehicles for valid tax discs and report contraventions as appropriate. To record all details of the tax discs and sign appropriate witness testimonies. To report suspected abandoned vehicles. 

 To use computerised systems in accordance with agreed procedures. To undertake additional duties related to the relocation of vehicles and driving duties as directed by the Assistant Parking Supervisor/Senior Parking Supervisor.Excellent Written and Communication Skills Flexible and Committed

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