NRSWA Co-Ordinator

Date Posted: Mon, March 18, 2019

Job Salary: £25.00 per hour / Salary Range: Other / Location: London /

Job Title: NRSWA Co-Ordinator – Local Authority / East London
Sector: Public Sector
Location: East London
Rate of Pay: £23.00 per hour

The Client requires the services of an experienced NRSWA Co-Ordinator to be part of a group of technical staff to co-ordinate the activities of utility company works and highway works across the Borough in accordance with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and requirements of the new Traffic Management Act 2004. To ensure achievement of personal programme within agreed time and budget.

Major duties and responsibilities
Fulfil a supporting role on technical issues relating to actively promoting Highway Enforcement, Streetworks co-ordination and inspection. Maintain up to date knowledge of all relevant professional, trade and Council legislation that may affect your career development.
Contribute to the Group Manager’s team.
Ensure that inspections of utility company works are carried out at various stages to comply with relevant codes of practice, and monitor income from inspections and Section 74 works.
Produce within an agreed programme as required and at the appropriate time, all documentation necessary for the efficient administration of all allocated projects within the scope of a Technician/Engineer’s responsibility ensuring all relevant research has been undertaken and evaluated.  Provide information on all projects at the appropriate period to enable reports to be made to managers, Committees and Members.
To co-ordinate works carried out by utilities and the various sections within the Council, and maintain an accurate streetworks database.
Ensure project design and implementation complies with all aspect of Construction (Design and Management) Act, including risk assessments and asbestos identification.
Assist in the management of projects including developing and maintaining projects timetables.
To ensure that personally allocated project tasks are developed to time and within budget and technical parameters.
Be a member of project groups whose work relates to your individual profession/discipline.
Major duties and responsibilities continued
Make suggestions to the Traffic Manager on methods and procedures to improve service delivery and quality of the work.
Ensure utilities take remedial action where defects are identified, and undertake prosecutions in conjunction with Legal Services.
Ensure compliance with Standing Orders, contractual clauses and industrial standards.
Comply with health and safety within the workplace to ensure the safety of staff, clients and others.
Be aware of the environmental impact of schemes in compliance with the Council policy and support local Agenda 21 initiatives.
Operate all relevant IT systems required to efficiently produce documents, manage contracts and programmes.  Maintain existing office data systems using standard software applications (e.g. Microsoft, Excel, Access, SBS).
Attend Committee and other Council meetings on technical matters in support of senior officers.
Participate in working parties.
Assist in writing complex reports including committee reports, to obtain authority for the development of projects and other relevant issues.
Communicate with clients, customers, residents, external contractors and Members of the Council as appropriate to level of responsibility and assist in presentations to customers and Members relating to projects you are involved in.
To take part in the Councils’ employee communication system.
Suggest new initiatives relating to good practice in conjunction with the Service Manager.
To assist towards the Council’s Investors in People.
Co-operate with the implementation of all existing and future personnel policies introduced by the Council.
Ensure the equalities procedures and philosophy of the Council is maintained and promoted within the work area.
Promote staff harmony and co-operation.  Positively support the changing culture within the Council, communicate and interact effectively with staff to reduce stress in the workplace.  Maintain a professional approach to all clients, colleagues and the public utilising tact and diplomacy at all times.
Assist with implementation of project management techniques.  Comply with performance management techniques, designed and introduced by the Group Manager.
Major duties and responsibilities continued
Achieve agreed performance targets.
Assist with the production and monitoring of performance indicators.
To operate management information systems and assist in producing regular reports.
Input to the development of Policy on Highways and Traffic Management.
Assist with project delivery, including site surveys, accident analysis, preliminary design, calculations, estimates, contract documents, specifications, drawings, risk assessment, supervision of works on site, measurement and settlement of final accounts.
Measure the condition of the Borough’s road network and assist in determining priorities for major highway maintenance.
To produce and develop monitoring information relevant to performance indicators, and contribute towards achieving best value.
To maintain good knowledge of relevant legislation e.g. the Highway Act 1980, New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 & Traffic Management Act 2004.
Assist in the development of new business opportunities and initiatives within the government guidelines.
Wear protective or corporate clothing where this is provided.
Any other duties appropriate to this area of work and consistent with the level of post, as may from time to time be required.
To provide cover for the work of other team members in their absence as required.

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