M&E Manager – Building Services (Housing)

Date Posted: Tue, April 23, 2019

Job Salary: / Salary Range: M&E Manager - Building Services (Housing) /

Job Title: M&E Engineer / Manager – Building Services (Housing)

Sector: Public Sector / Local Authority

Location: North London

Duration: 3 Months +

Remuneration: £20 – £25 per hour


The M&E Engineer / Manager will be required to supervise and monitor contracts for the periodic maintenance and repair of service installations, plant and equipment and ensure that all essential maintenance required by legislation and insurance requirements is carried out and records kept


To prepare specifications, drawings and tender documents for electrical projects, and when required mechanical projects, and manage these to meet cost, time and quality requirements




  1. To write, tender, and manage servicing and maintenance contracts to the housing stock and to ensure these are carried out in accordance with relevant legislative requirements and best practice standards.


  1. To ensure that all statutory and other recommended testing of installations, plant and equipment is identified and actioned in accordance with specified timescales.


  1. To devise and implement contract compliance procedures to ensure timely service visits by contractors/suppliers with an appropriate audit and quality assurance trail to verify completion. Review documentation submitted by external contractors and service suppliers and carry out periodic audits of outstanding work.


  1. To review existing service contract documents, identifying best practice and re-drafting contract documentation/specifications, inviting tenders, instructing contractors, contract management, settling of final accounts and monitoring of performance against agreed programme. Additionally, to recommend contract rationalisation strategies to reduce the supplier base used to support the service contracts.


  1. To operate a comprehensive register of the renewal dates for all relevant service contracts, operating a `bring forward’ system to identify contract renewal requirements to facilitate re-tendering/negotiation in a timely manner.


  1. To design and manage projects in the electrical services programme including preparing feasibility studies, specifications, detailed drawings and the like. To carry out the tendering process and appoint contractors, and carry out the duties of contract administrator.


  1. To undertake and comply with the relevant duties and responsibilities of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations, and that projects are designed and carried out in accordance with health, safety and welfare best practice.


  1. To assist the project manager on partnering projects and to work collaboratively with colleagues and other services in planning and delivering such projects.


  1. To organise and attend regular contract performance meetings with contractors and suppliers, developing key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure contractors meet and exceed the contract specification. Regularly review contractor performance with regard to feedback from residents in relation to the standard of work carried out and the manner of delivery.


  1. To manage the processing of invoices for payment liaising with the line manager and finance where inaccuracies or inconsistencies are identified.


  1. To produce performance and statistical information as required, including, but not restricted to, expenditure and contractor performance. Update computer records as necessary.


  1. To deal promptly and positively to complaints from residents and residents and their representatives.


  1. To provide advice and information in relation to the formulation of the budgets and priorities for servicing, renewals and repairs.


  1. To assist and when required be responsible for budgets and to manage the production of monthly financial reconciliation reports showing expenditure against budget, together with forecast predictions of projected annual outturn expenditure.


  1. To supervise and monitor all CCTV systems (mobile or static), including installation, removal and interim maintenance.


  1. To advise other staff on relevant technical issues, and attend team and consultative meetings when required. Represent the company at inter agency meetings, seminars and other forums.


  1. To keep abreast with relevant legislation and best practice affecting the design, maintenance and renewal of services, installations, plant and equipment.


  1. To contribute towards the development of office and best practice procedures and ensure their implementation within the team. Provide appropriate feedback to enable development of such policies.


  1. To carry out full and effective consultation is carried out with tenants and leaseholders on projects for the repair and improvement of the housing stock


  1. To address all queries raised by leaseholders in relation to works. Assist in the preparation of recovery action.


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