Helpdesk Administrator

Date Posted: Mon, March 18, 2019

Job Salary: / Salary Range: Other / Location: Buckinghamshire /

Based Milton Keynes


Main Purpose of Job:

Main Duties

To deal with all telephone requests for service from customers and contract managers/supervisors

To pre book Preventive Planned Maintenance services for the engineers

To allocate the engineers to reactive and project works

To ensure that the engineering time is used effectively and efficiently

To impart information to the engineers to enable them to submit their reports correctly, providing job numbers, service hours allowed, contact names, site addresses, service types and reported/identified problems.

To provide order numbers for parts, components and specialist services as detailed by managers.

To input feedback into the PPM and Helpdesk systems from the engineers reports.

To provide management reports from the Helpdesk and PPM systems.                                                                                  

To support new contracts and high levels of extra works the contracts are already generating


Main Duties and Responsibilities

Accept customers and engineers telephone calls and log all information as required on the help desk systems

Ensure that the engineering labour is utilised in the best manner possible

Ensure the correct discipline of engineer is matched to the tasks

Issue and confirm returns of planned maintenance services

Input engineers reports onto the helpdesk and planned maintenance computer systems

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